Saturday, April 18, 2015

Irvin Yalom Radio Interview

Irvin Yalom has got to be one of the most inspirational writers on psychotherapy. He has penned textbooks, case studies and fiction and is still going strong at the age of 83. In this recent radio intervew Yalom reflects on Mortality and 50 Years of Psychotherapy

Monday, March 02, 2015

Irvin Yalom on the value of being supportive

I make a point of regularly expressing my positive thoughts and feelings about my patients about their social skills, intellectual curiosity, warmth, loyalty to their friends, articulateness, courage in facing their inner demons, dedication to change, willingness to self disclose, loving gentleness with their children, commitment to breaking the cycle of abuse, and decision not to pass the "hot potato" to the next generation. Don't be stingy - there is every reason to express these observations and your positive statements. Acceptance and support from one who knows you so intimately is enormously affirming. For more on The Gift of Therapy