Saturday, March 07, 2009

How to create effective collaboration with clients (for CBT and philosophical counselling)

In both CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and philosophical counselling,
effective collaboration with clients
in considered to be a crucial element of wise therapy.
In their highly recommended /Introduction to CBT/, Westbrook et al list
4 ways of building a positive collaborative relationship (p.29)
1) Careful listening
2) Creating a shared agenda at the beginning of each session
3) Welcoming feedback
4) Establishing client's goals
These are all very important - I'd like to suggest 4 other ways of
ensuring there is good collaboration
5) Use Socratic questioning -also known as guided discovery (as opposed
to lecturing)
6) Write down key points and ensure the client gets a copy as well as you
7) Be transparent - explain your rationale
8) Use frequent summaries

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