Friday, February 13, 2009

A less-heralded benefit of therapy

One of the less heralded-yet very real - benefits of wise therapy is
to help clients get out of their everyday mindset on to a different plane.
For an hour a week, they are thinking about life from a broader
perspective, from a wiser perspective. They look at what matters in
life, they brainstorm options creatively, they look at their old
strategies in living and explore new, better ways. Therapy clients
learn about ideas from the great thinkers and from psychologists,
and can experiment with them to see if they help.

Inevitably, when they go back into the everyday world, some of will get lost -
but some will remain, too. Therapy is a sanctuary away from the herd, a
place to reinvigorate the thinking process, a precious time for self-renewal.

But I'm not exactly sure how anyone would capture all these benefits
in an outcome study ...