Monday, July 09, 2007

Describe yourself in the third person

After a twenty hour training in practical philosophy, most students are well able to apply philosophical methods to case vignettes - such as

1)My sister (who is five years older than I am) is a high-flying lawyer, and my parents want me to go to law school after I finish my law degree. But the part of the law degree I've enjoyed most is ethics. I'd like to do a post-graduate degree in philosophy instead! But my parents won't want to lend me more money, and I already feel somewhat envious of my sister's lifestyle. What should I do? (Ulya)

The trick is to then apply the same methods to their own situation.

So, first teach people the methods, then ask them the following question

"Describe your situation from a third-person standpoint, stating your dilemma as clearly as you can. Then treat it as a case vignette. What would you recommend."

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